Setting up your BBID Account

Log in to onCampus from the parent portal of our website with your email:

You will receive the following message. Click continue.


If this is your first BBID account, you will be prompted to Sign up. If you already have a BBID account you will be prompted to Sign in

The email we have for you in our database will pre-populate. (Do not change this email. If you wish to use a different email notify us at

Enter your password twice. Enter your first and last name. Then click Sign up.


Connecting to McQuaid and BBID

Blackbaud now needs to confirm your identity

Check your email for the invitation to Connect to McQuaid Jesuit and accept the invitation


This time sign in with your email address and password

This screen will appear again asking you to check for another email to Confirm your Blackbaud ID


Finish setting up your account

Back to your email account to confirm and finish setting up your account. This must be completed within 24 hours of receiving the email.


Future Logins

For future logins, you will use your email address and password