Hello there,

If you're able to login to Schoology through the web browser (Safari) but not the Schoology App, please follow these steps:

1- Double click the home button and swipe up the Schoology App to close it completely.

2- Click on Schoology App from the home screen.

3- STOP! "McQuaid Jesuit" is chosen by default however it's not the right one, please click on it as shown in the picture below

4- Choose "McQuaid Jesuit" with green dot on the right side from the drop down list as shown in the picture below


5- At this point type your only username but not the Email, don't type @mcqstudent.org, then type your password as shown in the picture below


Please, let us know if that helps, or give a call at (585) 256-6161 for further assistance.