Encrypt PDF Document from Adobe Acrobat Pro X

  1. Open the PDF document you wish to encrypt in Adobe Acrobat Pro X. This software is installed on all McQuaid Jesuit issued laptops and desktops. It is also available for use in all computer labs.
  2. Navigate to Tools → Protection → Encrypt → "Encrypt with Password"
  3. Configure your desired encryption settings.
    1. Please note for most secure encryption set the compatibility to Acrobat X or later.
  4. It will prompt you to confirm the passwords. You will need to before Adobe will encrypt the files. Please note the Open password must be different from the permissions password.
  5. You must save and close the document for the encryption status to be set.

Save a Microsoft Word Document as an encrypted PDF Document

  1. In Microsoft Word, Navigate to File → Save As. Choose the container you wish to save the document in.
  2. Name your file, and select "PDF"
  3. Choose "Options"
  4. Select the last option "Encrypt the document with a password" Press "OK"
  5. Enter your desired password
  6. If you are E-Mailing this file, Please DO NOT email the password! This defeats the purpose.