Apple ID ownership Release

If your Apple ID ends with ( OR, read this document, otherwise disregard it.

Technology Office is excited to announce that we’re implementing Managed Apple IDs.

Managed Apple IDs

Your current Apple ID is considered personal and Apple needs you to release the ownership of the account for McQuaid to enroll you in the program.

Advantages of this program:

  • class collaboration
  • in house password resets
  • GoldPass integration.


Personal Apple ID Release

Follow the screen shots to release ownership of a personal Apple ID that is associated with McQuaid Jesuit ( OR


Please note,

In order to receive a new iPad from McQuaid, you must have first completed these steps.

Due to COVID-19, we will not be offering direct assistance at the iPad distribution event.

1- Using a browser on any computer, go to




2- Type your personal Apple ID that is associated with your McQuaid Email address ( OR







3- Type your current Apple ID password. If you forgot your password, click “Forgot Apple ID or password,” and it will give you the option to reset, McQuaid Jesuit Technology Office has no control over changing this password as it is not managed.




4- If you have set up “Two-Factor Authentication”, you will receive a numerical code on your trusted device that is signed in with your Apple ID, if you don’t have a trusted device, maybe because you had it as McQuaid Jesuit iPad that you already returned to McQuaid, no problem! Please see step 5.



5- You may authenticate using different methods, simply by clicking “Didn’t get a verification code” and you will see other methods are available for you.


6- Type the code that you received. Please note this is a one-time use code, you do not have to write it down for future reference.




7- At this point, Apple will ask you to type a personal Email that was never used as an Apple ID, please click the link says “Create an iCloud email at”.


8- Create an iCloud email address combining your First Initial, Last name, mcq and graduation year, without spaces, please see the example below:

First name “Ibrahim”

Last name “Alibadi”

Graduation year “2024”

My email address will be “” , then click “Continue.”

9- At this point you have successfully created a new personal Apple ID, click “OK”



10- This step is optional whether you want to Trust, Don’t Trust or Not Now. Choose trust ONLY if you are using an unshared personal computer.






11- After clicking on of the options in step 10, you will be logged in to your new Apple ID account.











  • If you have never purchased anything nor you have important data that you may need for the future, then you are ALL SET at this point! Otherwise you will need to continue on doing the next steps.
  • All purchases, personal data will be accessible using the new Apple ID at any apple device and no longer accessible on Apple ID that is associated with McQuaid Jesuit Email address.
  • The Apple ID that is associated with McQuaid Jesuit Email address will be available for you after you do the steps from 1 to 11, and you will use it to sign in to the school iPad that will be assigned to you.
  • If you need to access purchases from the new Email e.g. “” , you will need to do the following steps:


1- If you haven’t signed in to your school iPad with the Apple ID that is associated with your McQuaid Jesuit Email address, go to Settings.





2- Tap “Sign in to your iPad”.

3- Type your Apple ID that is associated with McQuaid Jesuit Email address.


4- Tap “Continue”.

5- Please use your Gold Pass credentials.


6- In the next step click the checkbox “Don’t show this again”, then tap “Yes”.

7- You will be asked to verify your Apple ID, tap “Not Now”.


You have successfully signed in to McQuaid Jesuit issued iPad with McQuaid Jesuit managed Apple ID!

If you still need your purchases, please continue to do the following steps:

8- Go to Settings.

9- Tap on “iTunes & App Store” from the left pane, then tap on your Apple ID from the top right side of the screen “”.

10- Tap “Sign Out”.

11- Now tap “Sign in”.

12- To access your purchases from your personal Apple ID please type your Apple ID “”. This password will be associated with your personal account, not your Gold Pass credentials.

13- At this point you will have access to McQuaid Jesuit managed Apple ID, and your personal Apple ID for the iTunes and App Store.